May 21, 2024

A.I Sales Training Bots in Action!

20-30% of sales reps are meeting their quotas, with many failing to hit even 80% of their targets. At the same time, training budgets are being cut, leaving reps without the necessary skills development. High turnover rates and low job satisfaction are rampant, with exit interviews consistently revealing a lack of management support. This turmoil results in fewer deals, reduced customer satisfaction, and significant costs for companies.


Make no mistake, today we are in a Sales Team recession


To break out of this sales slump, leveraging new AI technology is key. AI bots can now simulate interactions with sales reps, from initial calls and warm inbounds to demos and renewals. These bots provide realistic practice, enhancing sales skills and boosting performance. Take a look at this demo to see the bots in action.


Customized reports identify areas for improvement and track development. Personally speaking, I’ve been doing different demos for the last few weeks and my success rates, in this case, locking in a follow up meeting, have gone for 30% to 80%.


Try a three-month program for your team and see the improvements.


Here’s how it works:

1)     We will work with you to design your prospects and customers as well as reporting requirements.

2)     Have each sales rep take a first attempt to establish their baseline scores.

3)     Let them practice for a few minutes each day.

4)     Review the progress after 30-60-90 days and celebrate because you’ve just incorporated state-of-the-art A.I. into your sales training strategy!

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