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Growing globally brings unexpected challenges.

In the past, organizations operated in single markets. Foreign challenges were, well, foreign. Today that has changed as companies of all sizes operate across the globe. In many ways, we're all foreign now.  How do we communicate and collaborate, often virtually, with people who may have different values and outlooks? More people are working across cultures than ever before, yet up to 70% of foreign ventures fail due to cultural differences.

This is a problem.

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There is a need for global adaptability.

The teams that not only survive but thrive in an environment with such tough odds have one thing in common: the ability to adapt. Cultural differences, if not addressed, restrict collaboration, slow communication and make businesses less competitive. Small start-ups all the way to the largest multinationals wrestle with these challenges not only internally, but with their partners and customers.

growing across markets

How to lead across cultures.

Leadership Nomad combines research with our decades of sales, marketing and communications experience to help companies focus on growing across this shrinking planet. We do this through workshops, speaking engagements, coaching and consulting.

Our goal is to build global leaders who can adapt and thrive across the planet.

Putting the pieces together.

Leadership Nomad uses real-world, relevant tools to help teams adapt to today's global business challenges.



Face your global growth challenges head on by introducing your teams to thought-provoking talks designed to get teams discussing these tricky cross-cultural issues and what they can do to overcome them.



Give your team the tools they need to approach everything from customer service to conflict resolution. Our customized workshops



We help organizations design and deliver strategic communication and collaboration initiatives across the planet.

Breaking the silo

Contact us to learn more about how we help organizations build strategic global cross-cultural communication initiaitives.

Our scalable training and coaching solutions mean that we work with companies of any size and partner with them as they grow.

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Singapore’s 2018 Budget includes a new Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) designed to help firms internationalise. This is welcome news, but with today’s growing climate of global protectionism and fragmentation, it will take more than grants and tax breaks to help firms navigate overseas expansion in this post-globalisation era.

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The Year of the Dog begins this week which means, among other things, this is the season when western companies fall over themselves by slapping zodiac animals on their products in hopes of appealing to Chinese consumers. Gucci dog purse, anyone? At the same time, digital payments in China continue to accelerate. Last year, the Chinese New Year tradition of ‘hong bao’ – where cash-filled red envelopes are given as gifts – saw 46 billion electronic transfers. Yes, billion.

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