August 25, 2020

Kyle Hegarty visits School for Startups to discuss working in a post-globalization world

Kyle Hegarty, an expert on cross-cultural leadership who has been called “the Indiana Jones of International Business,” is the Managing Director of Leadership Nomad, a Division of TSL Marketing Singapore that was launched to help companies and teams evolve to face global communication and collaboration challenges. Leadership Nomad offers training and consulting services, as well as keynote addresses that focus on the skills and mindsets needed to help navigate across polarized and complex business environments. In his role as Asia-Pacific Managing Director at TSL Marketing, Kyle continues to help create new products and offerings, diversify channel sales partnerships, and grow and train his sales and operations teams across the globe. Kyle’s first book on cross-cultural communication, The Accidental Business Nomad: A Survival Guide for Working Across a Shrinking Planet, features real stories of companies going global and highlights the realities of doing business overseas in a post-globalization world. Due to Covid-19, he argues, globalization has just accelerated rapidly and these skills are needed now more than ever while Americans face entirely new challenges of doing business digitally at an unprecedented rate with cultures around the world.

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