March 18, 2020

Questions To Prepare You for the Post-Virus World

Where will you be after this virus passes?

Triathlons are my hobby. Training keeps me sane and I’ve got a tribe of fellow crazies who agree. We got together over the weekend to commiserate recent race cancellations and ended up drinking too much. It turned out in our altered states we agreed to sign up for a full Ironman distance race in June of 2021, fifteen months away.

I woke up the next morning, groggy, with a headache and stared at a screen for an hour watching the world implode. It could have turned into the entire day, but I had this nagging feeling that I had to start preparing for that big race. Hangover be damned, I went for a small run. Better than nothing, right?

With all the current distractions, it’s easy for the days to disappear. That run was one of the few things I achieved that day and it was a reminder of the importance of planning beyond adverse situations like what we face today.

Questions each of us should ask are: what does the day after the pandemic look like? Where do I want to be? What needs to get done now in order to get there?

This can help for business or personal goals. I was working with a sales team yesterday (March 17) and we decided to start building 2021 pipeline. We set a goal. We built a plan.

Set goals and build your plans. As for me, I’ve got an indoor bike training to get to.

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