April 10, 2024

This Graph is Where I Come In

Take a look at this recent salary data comparing software engineers in India vs. Singapore. It's nuts. Companies would be crazy not to hire the best talent and the best price regardless of location. Of course, not all jobs can be done remotely, but for those that can, this should be a large part of a company's hiring strategy.

Why don't more companies jump all over this? Because managing people from different parts of the world can be challenging. The management skills that work in one part of the world may fail elsewhere. And this is where I like to come in to help.

Managing remote teams globally requires different approaches. There's not a one size fits all approach, but with a few brief workshops with the team and some coaching, remote teams can smash their goals. This can usually be set up for success within 2-3 months of the right kind of help.

As companies begin to hire again, hiring globally will become even more of the norm because the tech is in place, the talent is available and because it simply makes sense. But the only way to make this model work is to set up the teams the right way. Reach out!

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