We are all business nomads now

An insider's guide to communicating globally during times of uncertainty.


"This is the Indiana Jones of international business!"

-Csaba Toth
Author of Uncommon Sense in Unusual Times

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Kyle Hegarty, Author, The Accidental Business Nomad

Evolving Times

Cross-cultural issues are responsible for up to 70 percent
of international ventures that fail. The Accidental Business Nomad
shows you how to avoid becoming the latest casualty. Based on the real-life
experiences of an expert on cross-cultural leadership, this is an unvarnished, story-driven, practical guide to working across cultures. Each account of a company going global gives an object lesson on the cultural realities and unexpected surprises of modern globalization.

In a witty, engaging style, The Accidental Business Nomad demystifies the invisible challenges of intercultural communication. You will learn the survival guide skills essential to anyone wanting to successfully navigate cultural misunderstandings. Discover the art and science of personality profiling, quick short-cuts to understanding people, and what outsourced call centers can teach us about the future of global communication.

The Accidental Business Nomad is the perfect book for anyone working in a cross-cultural setting, whether as part of a global team, or independently establishing new business initiatives away from their home country.

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Praise for The Accidental Business Nomad

In an age when the time to read books is getting fierce competition from the magnetic pull of the mobile screen, we need to know that a book we are thinking of picking up is really worth reading. This book is! Beautiful writing. Important message.Relevant topic. And did I say beautifully written? Read it.

-Fredrik Haren
Creativity Explorer and author of the best-seller The Idea Book

Culture shock. Immersion. Authenticity. Reconciliation. Success. Kyle's book The Accidental Business Nomad is not only an adventurous tale of entrepreneurship but a guide to navigating the new world where East and West come together on a daily basis.

-Dr. Parag Khanna
Author of The Future is Asian

Kyle Hegarty’s new book The Accidental Business Nomad really resonates.  Kyle is a seasoned business executive with a great sense of humor, a healthy dose of self-deprecation, and a keen instinct about how to cross cultures effectively.  A fun and insightful read!s the Indiana Jones of international business.

-Andy Molinsky, Ph.D.
Award-Winning Author of
Global Dexterity and Reach

If you wish for a beer-chat with an experienced intercultural deal-maker before you take your business from West to East or vice-versa, here is your chance. Kyle’s stories of global business tribulations and triumphs will give you the clarity you need.

-Gábor Holch
East-West leadership consultant,
author and speaker

A much needed survival guide for any global leader who has left a board meeting, team call or conversation feeling like the they didn't hit the mark.

-Diana Wu David
Author of Future Proof

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