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An unvarnished, insiders guide to working across cultures.

"This is not your typical business book! So many lessons with great story telling."

Diana David Wu, Author of Future Proof

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Kyle Hegarty, Author, The Accidental Business Nomad

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It's a remarkable fact that up to 70 percent of international ventures fail due to cultural issues. The Accidental Business Nomad shows you how to avoid becoming the latest casualty. Based on the real-life experiences of an expert on cross-cultural leadership, this is an unvarnished, story-driven, practical guide to working across cultures featuring real accounts of companies going global, warts and all.

Each one gives an object lesson on the cultural realities and unexpected surprises of modern globalization. In a witty, engaging style, The Accidental Business Nomad, makes intercultural communication easy, giving you the skills everyone in business needs to know and showing how to navigate the invisible language of cultural misunderstandings. Discover the art and science of personality profiling, quick short-cuts to understanding people, and what outsourced call centers can teach us about the future of global communication. 

The Accidental Business Nomad
is the perfect travel companion for anyone working in a cross-cultural setting, whether as part of a global team, or independently establishing new business initiatives away from their home country.

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