Global Survival Kit Workshop + Coaching

Time commitment: Workshop 4 hours – 8 hours plus additional 1-to-1 coaching hours

In addition to the workshop detailed below, this package includes additional 1-to-1 coaching (often called our "Ambassador Program") to help reinforce key ideas and work through specific, real-time leadership challenges. The objective of coaching is to develop your leaders to drive an ongoing global mindset across the organization.

  • Build Cross Cultural Skills
  • Accelerate Team Building
  • Define and Codify Team Norms
  • Adjust Strategies and Behaviors

The T.E.A.M. Workshop helps managers and team members build their cross cultural skills together. Using cross-cultural data and customized case studies, this interactive session helps colleagues work effectively within multicultural teams, improve conflict resolution skills and increase team productivity. Post-event reinforcement content is provided to drive accountability and ensure these new ideas take hold.

Topics include:

  • Turning differences across teams into differentiators
  • Developing strategies for dealing with common cultural miscommunication
  • Managing teams virtually across regions
  • Maximizing productivity through meetings, coaching sessions and client communication
  • Additional topics can include: negotiating and communicating across cultures not only with teammates but clients and business partners
  • Specific tactics and resources to lead your team to a new level of global communication

Who should take this course?

This workshop is ideal for a regional or global group offsites or team kickoff events. It will accelerate team building and provide a road map to adjust behaviors and strategies across the globe.


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