2021 Team Accellerator Program

Time commitment: Two hour workshop and then  8-to-10 one hour seminars throughout the year (content gets customized to specific requirements and timings)

  • Enhance remote team communication skills
  • Bridge Cross Cultural Misunderstandings
  • Accelerate Trust Across the Team
  • Define and Codify Team Norms
  • Adjust Strategies and Behaviors
  • Manage up
  • Introverted Leadership

The Team Accelerator Workshop helps managers and team members build their next generation leadership skills together. Using behavioural data, assessment tests and customized case studies, these interactive sessions help colleagues work effectively within multicultural teams, improve conflict resolution skills and increase team productivity. Post-event reinforcement content is provided to drive accountability and ensure these new ideas take hold.

Topics include:

  • Turning differences across teams into differentiators
  • Developing strategies for dealing with common cultural miscommunication
  • Managing teams virtually across regions
  • Maximizing productivity through meetings, coaching sessions and client communication
  • Additional topics: negotiating and communicating across cultures not only with teammates but clients and business partners, presentation skills, enhancing executive presence and business story-telling

Who should take this course?

This workshop is ideal for a regional teams or team leaders. It will accelerate team cohessiveness and provide a road map to adjust behaviors and strategies across the globe.


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