Accidental business nomad bonus material

Start your journey here to becoming a better global business communicator. You will find a few of the tools I use to help my clients strengthen teams and adapt quickly during uncertain times.

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Communication Assessment Tool

How do you communicate? Handle conflict? Give feedback? Have all of the members of your team fill out this assessment and compare the results to start important conversations about how to best work together moving forward.


Communications Contract

The purpose of this Team Communication Contract is to improve how teams works together both virtually and face-to-face, to increase individual accountability, and to reduce team conflict.


Is Your Team Globally Ready?

Consider these five key questions to assess how globally ready your team is to handle to difficulties of working across a shrinking planet. If one area is weaker than the rest, this is where you should start to invest additional time and effort.


Improve Team Calls With These Questions

For remote global teams, there is much we can learn from each other. Building relationships remotely can be difficult and requires additional effort. Try adding one of these questions into each team meeting with the goal of learning more about the team members, where they are from and how business locally gets done.


Free First Chapter of The Accidental Business Nomad

Feel free to share this PDF of the first section of The Accidental Business Nomad with anyone who is looking for an entertaining way to improve how they work and communicate across a shrinking planet.