In a rapidly changing world, how will your team adapt?

Leadership Nomad provides global leadership and communication programs to teams and individuals. We offer workshops, coaching, seminars, and customized consulting.

How Leadership Nomad can help

Kyle Hegarty, Managing Director

Evolving Times

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent
that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” It is as if Charles Darwin was writing this to describe today's global business landscape.

Growing businesses in new markets is as challenging as it is exciting. Having worked with hundreds of companies as they expand into Asia Pacific and other emerging markets, it is clear that managing a business across regions requires skills most of us were never taught. We muddle through it and hope for the best. But with new competitors, finding and retaining top talent and unpredictable geo-political risks, the need to adapt is more important than ever.

Leadership Nomad was launched to help companies and teams evolve to face global communication and collaboration challenges.

Our growing team offers training and consulting services as well as keynote addresses that focus on the skills and mindsets needed to help navigate across polarized and complex business environments.

Growing globally is not easy. We’ve been there. We get it. Let us help.

Kyle Hegarty,
Managing Director



It is important to bring teams together and work through tough topics like communicating effectively across cultures. Our programs help teams develop strategies to handle these changes whether they’re working in the same building or across the world. These sessions, focus on organization-specific challenges and use real-world case studies to drive insights. They include interactive discussions and practical tools that participants can begin using immediately.

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Consulting & Coaching

Driving change across an organization takes time and effort. Executives have to be willing and able to invest their energies in driving behavioural change throughout their teams. Contact Leadership Nomad to learn more about how we help teams and individuals work through this journey.

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Consulting & Coaching


Company events are perfect for bringing teams together to get critical discussions started. These cross-cultural communication topics are designed to kickstart critical discussions and give teams useful tips they can start using immediately to enhance how they collaborate across cultures and geographies. From keynote addresses to informal talks, these seminars will get teams re-thinking how they approach cross-cultural business situations.

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Kyle is a great trainer and mentor with extremely valuable knowledge and experience. He delivered a training programme tailored to the needs of my business and clients. He helped me to implement a comprehensive system and strategies which has resulted in a permanent change in the way of selling, and approaching my clients.

Andi Blackwood


The workshop was a very good session. There was lots of interaction which one doesn't always get in this region. We look forward to working with you further.

Managing Partner

Global Law Firm

This was a great and engaging workshop. I have changed how I approach my key accounts and have already seen improvement. I personally think this should be a must in any company and I will definitely recommend to the rest of my team.

Lufthansa Systems

Kyle is a great coach. His communication and knowledge in the sales techniques keeps you engrossed and help you identify what you have been doing wrong in your sales cycle. If you're looking for a sales guru to give you a new perspective on creative methods for earning trust and winning deals, Kyle is it!  Love the arsenal of new sales methods you equipped us with this week and excited to put this into action!

Nishant Bhandula

Oracle Sales Professional

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